Life Coaching


I always make it clear to my clients that I am a Life Coach and not a counsellor nor therapist and that they may have to change deeply held beliefs and values to progress in life. But they can be assured that they can choose change and that change is possible. For example a client may… Read More

What is Colour Therapy?

Colour Therapy is a totally safe non-invasive complementary therapy that uses colour and light to bring back balance to the mind and body in order to stimulate deep inner healing. The appropriate healing colours are administered by a trained therapist and self-administered afterwards. Colour Therapy can be used to alleviate many different chronic problems, including… Read More

The Awakening of the Feeling Body

Gabriellayoga in the blooming lotus

My integrated practice of “The Dance of Yoga” was born through the process of a natural evolution. My varied and colourful experiences through yoga, dance and energy healing started to teach me and guide me how to deeply listen within. I was so amazed and enthusiastic about the teaching that I heard through my inner… Read More

Find your local community orchard with the new interactive map from PTES


Wildlife charity People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES) has launched the latest element in their ongoing orchard conservation work: an interactive community orchard map that lists around 400 community orchard groups across the UK, found at: PTES has identified over 35,000 traditional orchards remaining in England and over 7,000 in Wales. Alarmingly, this work… Read More



Chakras The word chakra (pronounced Shakrah) means “spinning wheel of light”. The chakras – or “energy centres” – regulate your body’s energy intake and distribution. To remain healthy, your chakras need to be maintained, or balanced, on a regular basis. Negative thoughts and emotional upset due to trauma, abuse, neglect, loss, fear, anxiety, conflict and… Read More

Chakra Healing

annie jones - november mists

What causes our chakras to block or become weak? Whenever we’re feeling out of sorts (mentally, physically or emotionally), how often do we consider whether it’s our chakras that are out of balance and need healing? If these energy centres are blocked or weak, it can cause all sorts of negative consequences ranging from simple… Read More

My Yoga Journey

I’ve always been keen on exercise and keeping active but when I started to commute a long way to work, I realised how little time I could devote to all my leisure interests and exercise featured less and less. This really came home to me when I started to notice how stressed I was. Everything… Read More