Infant Feeding Support

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Soleil Salutations: Yoga for children with SEND

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Emotional Balance and Alignment Coaching

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Integrative Counselling and Coaching


Rapid Transformational Therapy (Clinical Hypnotherapist)


Holistic and Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner


Online Hypnotherapy for Healing & Empowerment

South East London Slingers

Reflections Counselling services

Holistic Counselling

Grace Thorne Yoga

Satori Yoga & Wellness

Therapy in Barcelona

certified EFT practitioner

Mindset CBT Coach

EFT Training

Fly Free Psychotherapy


Transform Your Life

Chaoji LTD

Cuddle Therapy

Anna Livia Yoga

Your Best True Self

Hand of Hope Counselling and Psychotherapy

Transformation Coach

Channelled Energy Healing

Same Star Yoga


Life Coach

Animal Communicator, Intuitive Teacher, Holistic Wellness and Energy Alignment

Mintlaw Holistic Centre

Reiki with Katie

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (RTT) @ N U R T U R E & S H I N E

Reflexology @N U R T U R E & S H I N E

Mental Health Services

Spiritual Life Coach

Reiki & Distance Reiki for people or animals

Happiness Life Coach

The Wild Essence Yoga Clothes, Mats and Studio Decors

Evolve Breath & Body

Twyford Yoga

Life Coach

Samacitta Yoga, Bodywork & Inquiry