Magical Event with Chief Standing Cloud

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Event Category: Charity, Classes, Festivals, General, Meditation, Retreats and Talks/WorkshopsEvent Tags: body, event, life, mind and spiritual

Listed by Diane Gower Hosts Mind Body Spiritual Retreats with International Guests, including Charity Firewalking Events, Empowering Woman Retreats, Rebirthing Breathwork, Monthly Weekend Retreats, "Walking in Beauty" Mind Body Spiritual Workshops

Special Offers

    3/ 4 Day Magical Journey of Self Discovery

    I am truly privileged to announce that First Nation, Native American Elder, Chief Standing Cloud, will be our honoured guest, for the first time within the UK.

    Taken place in the heart of the countryside of beautiful Rutland, these MAGICAL 3days you will receive authentic powerful teachings, healing and purification to the mind, body and spirit in inspiring traditional ceremonies shared within and outside the Inipi.

    Born on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota and named by family member Brave Hawk, Brule. Chief Standing Cloud from, Oglala Lakota tribe (Sioux) carries his tradition and culture proudly with dignity and honour used by the Lakota ways today.

    Chief Standing Cloud an artist uses many mediums to deliver his artwork “Winter Count” form, made up of prayers, dreams, visions and hopes. As an artist, much of this is expressed when he delivers teachings of the Sundance and Inipi ceremony’s. Chief Standing Cloud is also a Chanupa carrier of the sacred pipe where he delivers prayers to the creator while in sacred ceremony’s.

    You will also during the weekend have opportunity to meet and work with Diane Gower student of Chief Standing Cloud, International Therapist .Shamanic Practitioner and Empowerment and Firewalker Instructor.

    Alongside many other beautiful practitioners, healers who deliver a range of therapies and preforming arts so get ready for some amazing healing ,drumming, singing, dancing, gong baths and much more.

    These practitioners I truly have “No explanation just acclaimed reputation” and we will be truly blessed to have them with us. Their beautiful work they do for individuals, communities, within the UK and around the world is truly humbling.

    These inspiring guest supporting this “Magical” weekend with Chief Standing Cloud are to date –

    Beat Feet (Rhythm for life)

    “Their missions within groups is to unite people from all walks of life through their work”
    On Saturday evening, specialist and acclaimed Jude Windwood and Njega will be joining us in their performance of drumming, music and dance. Both Jude and Njega deliver original authentic work within communities, educational organizations and business.
    Facebook -Beat Feet Ltd
    Website –

    Gongs by Julia

    “Julia mission is to create communities where all are equal, boundaries are invisible, memories are made, dreams are possible and friendships are forever”

    On the Sunday, Julia and Michael will be facilitating sound therapy through their magical connection to overtones of the beautiful gongs.
    Julia is an accredited Gong Master who practises the art of gongs within communities, educational organizations and business. Julia and her partner will bring about harmonic balance to individuals on many different levels such as physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual.

    What is a Gong Bath?”
    The goal is to give you an experience of yourself as pure awareness, liminal, and limitless!
    During a gong session, your body absorbs sounds that it needs for healing whilst filtering out what is no longer required. The complex, yet delicate, overtones of the gongs, allow our superficial thoughts to dissipate and you can easily reach a much deeper consciousness leaving you in a very calm, relaxed state. The gong vibrations continue to work long after the gong bath has finished. Gong healing works on various levels – physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual. Negativity and chaos are suspended; irregularity and resistance disappear and the whole being is returned to harmonic balance.
    A lot like love, the gongs need to be experienced!
    Come along and try this treat for the soul. Ask anyone who has experienced the gongs and they will tell you it is the ULTIMATE reset button.
    Face Book –Gongs by Juila

    Turtle Lodge Healing
    Jason Sewell will be joining you in ceremony to support with healing within the Inipi ceremonies throughout the weekend .
    Jason Swell is a Tai Chi teacher Instructor and authentic healer. Jason also has been running monthly Sweat Lodge Ceremonies in Nottinghamshire, since 2003. Whilst bringing his own gentle energy into the ceremonies he also works with great authenticity and care to honour his teachers & the traditions of the Maya of Chiapasin trained by Roland Torikiana, curandero (healer) from the Maya tradition in Cristobal – Chiapas Mexico and at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.
    Facebook- Turtle Lodge Healing
    Website –

    Suzanne Wass
    Suzanne Wass will be joining woman, during their MOON TIME Lodge in their sacred Moon Time Lodge delivering beautiful ceremonies within her authentic healing, teachings and memorizing chanting and singing ceremony. Suzanne is a teacher, healer, massage therapist, shamanic practitioner, angel card reader, hypnotherapist, firewalk Instructor, reflexologist and counsellor in humanistic existentialism. Suzanne also delivers purification ceremonies (sweat lodges) individuals, groups and communities across the UK .
    Facebook- Suzanne Wass

    Amanda Adams
    Amanda Adams will be joining you in ceromony and supporting specific ceremonies throughout the weekend . Amanda is an authentic beautiful Scottish freelance Reiki Shamanic healing, EFT and Breathwork practitioner and delivers beautiful Eastern Facial Massage. She is also a visual artist and maker predominantly involved in painting; she also works in printmaking, sculpture, sound, film and installation. Facebook – Amanda Adams
    Website –

    Making a difference:
    This event is not for profit and Chief Standing Cloud and Practitioners have volunteered their time and service without requesting any fees, to bring together a magical weekend to you all in making a difference. This I truly believe comes from each and everyone of their authentic love and compassion in all that they do – Many blessings and gratitude to you all.

    Your exchange has equally allowed this event to happen for you and the collective, who are interested in many of the multi cultural practices and teachings taken place.- Many blessings to you individually.

    Your exchange will support with building upon future events to grow and develop with diverse multi cultural ways allowing other teachings to take place here in the uk for local practitioners and globally.

    Your exchange is supporting with local communities in making a difference, by building upon resources to develop programmes for the young and more vulnerable people in the community.(with your exchange for this event, funds is being injected into the sports club and land to support with much needed resources to enable this)
    Your exchange will support with Chief Standing Cloud, chosen group within his community of children and woman who are in need of support.

    With your exchange you are making a difference in the world to bring much needed healing and peace and so much more.

    You will also take away with you, your very own sacred tools
    Medicine Prayer Bundles
    Your journey – personalized life, art work painting
    Your own handmade Shamanic Rattle
    Your ceremony Talking Stick
    Your own handmade Arrow

    1 .1 With Chief Standing Cloud (Limited places are available on each day so please book early)
    ALL donations go directly towards woman and children within the Lakota tribe who are in need of support on the reservations and details will be promoted at later date.

    Please wrap gift in red cloth and give to companion supporting chief that day.
    Do – Not hand money directly to Chief as will offend.

    For artist feel free to bring your crafts to barter or exchange during the weekend. (Please also see Bank Holiday Event as its being advertised soon)


    Diane Gower, Chief Sanding Cloud and team x

    Aho Mitakuye Oyasin
    Prior to booking please see website and read RED TENT (MOON TIME) PRIOR TO BOOKING

    Places are going fast so please book early
    Payment options are available up to end of June on website for those who wish to join us. x

  • Deposit and payment options up to 15th March 2018 on website

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