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  • Me Within Me offers one to one consultations, classes, workshops and training in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, shiatsu, karam kriya and kundalini yoga.

    Our mission is to put you back in touch with your inherently peaceful and sensitive self.

    Amrit Singh has been a teacher of Kundalini Yoga since 1995 and a teacher trainer since 2000. He has long standing experience of other forms of yoga, Oriental medicine and the mind-body dynamic.
    A practitioner of shiatsu (since 1989), acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine (1995). He is a long time student of Shiv Charan Singh and Karam Kriya through which he has revised, deepened and updated his understanding of Oriental medicine and yoga.

    Karam Kriya is a unique approach to negotiating change; working with universal intelligences, known to us as numbers, to provide a personal, professional and spiritual health check. Karam = Structures that take us through time but with no result other than repetition. Kriya = Completion of these structures and the establishment of Dharmic structures. Dharmic structures are vehicles of awareness that use time to go beyond time. Karam Kriya is a healing conversation and is the foundation of our practice. If it’s your body that needs attention we use Chinese Herbal Medicine, acupuncture, massage and Kundalini yoga.

    In our one to one consultations we use several diagnostic tools (e.g; your date of birth, pulse, tongue, posture, use of language and others) to provide a window into what mental and emotional patterns are creating stress and what organs and systems of the body need attention. With this knowledge we can prescribe individualised programmes of yoga, meditation, herbal medicine, nutritional and lifestyle advice. This is sometimes supported by on-going healing conversations using Karam Kriya, and or Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

    Kundalini Yoga is known as the ‘Mother of all Yogas’ because it is the original system from which all other yogas stem and includes all aspects; postures, mudras, breath work, meditation, chanting and relaxation as well as ethical and lifestyle considerations. It gives us the awareness of what it means to be happy by teaching us what we need to do and how to be to improve the quality of our lives. It gives us the physical energy, the endurance and the stamina to follow through on these things.

    The objective for these days is that participants be able to give a deeply relaxing and therapeutically significant Shiatsu to friends and relatives. You will be taught;

    Concepts of weight and pressure in the application of shiatsu techniques, including rocking, stretching and leaning
    Sensing Qi (energy) by diagnosing full and empty states through posture and acupressure
    The treatment of the Hua Tuo & Back Shu points to supply energy to all organ functions
    The importance of this simple treatment in calming the nervous system and bringing energy and stamina back.
    Zen Shiatsu exercises, Kundalini Yoga Kriyas and meditations that work on sensing, calming, and increasing the flow of energy through the nervous system


    What is Shiatsu and what are the benefits?

    Shiatsu is a dynamic form of massage performed through loose clothing. It uses thumb, finger, palm, elbow, forearm, knee and foot pressure. Rocking, stretches, rotations and lifts are all incorporated to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians.

    Our energy flows along well defined channels, known as meridians. When this flow is obstructed our energy becomes depleted in some areas and tight in others. This is mirrored in bodily organs and their corresponding meridians each of which has a tendency to become either too full or too empty. This is because in our response to stress we often over or under compensate causing constriction or depletion. This leads over time to many health problems on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

    Shiatsu creates a more harmonious flow to eliminate tension and fatigue and release the knots that bind us.

    Chinese or Western Medicine?

    Chinese Medicine is widely used for a broad range of physical organ/internal issues. Many patients however are both not familiar with the options for more serious medical issues. Additionally, it is at times confusing to patients when your practitioner describes your “liver” as being stagnant or your “spleen” as deficient only later to find out that they are in no way talking about the physical organs themselves but their respective systems from a Chinese Medicine perspective.

    In the west this confusion is part of why patients may not always think of Chinese Medicine beyond a certain level of illness. So pain is often considered treatable, sometimes psychological issues, sometimes allergies – but rarely chronic physical organ issues, cancers, etc. In many parts of the world Chinese Medicine is used for serious and even extremely acute medical issues. It is not, however, as often an either/or decision which it often feels like it is in the west (i.e. either Chinese Medicine or Western Medicine, but not both).

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