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  • Body & Mind Healing

    Health and Healing in Chiang Mai Thailand. Body & Mind Healing Chiang Mai Thailand; Established alternative healing center in the heart of Chiang Mai Thailand, an excellent alternative or in combination with conventional treatments, harmonizing body and mind using Yoga, Chi Kung, Tai Chi, Meditation and Reiki Healing Courses. A Read more [...]

  • Toddler Yoga

    Birthlight Toddler Yoga ist die Fortsetzung des Birthlight Baby Yoga und richtet sich an mobile Babys und Kleinkinder zwischen 18 Monaten und 4 Jahren. Wie im Baby Yoga üben die Kinder und Eltern gemeinsam. Wichtig ist hierbei der Grundsatz: die Eltern sollen, die Kinder können mitmachen. Kräftigung, Dehnung, Koordination und Read more [...]

  • Baby Yoga

    Bewegen, atmen, singen, Massage und Entspannung – Babys lieben Yoga. Birthlight Baby Yoga ist einzigartig, denn anders als in vielen Mama-Baby-Kursen steht das Baby im Mittelpunkt. Yoga fördert Baby’s Entwicklung auf körperlicher, sowie geistiger Ebene und unterstützt das Bonding mit den Eltern. Alle Sinne werden stimuliert, die Körpersysteme harmonisiert. Eine Read more [...]

  • Yoga for People with Parkinson’s Disease

    I teach friendly Yoga classes for people specifically with Parkinson’s Disease. These sessions help you to build muscle strength, flexibility and confidence. They are a solid foundation for further physical activity, overall health and well-being. I teach two classes: Active Yoga for those recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease on Tuesdays Read more [...]

  • MahaDevi Yoga Centre

    Traditional Hatha Yoga Classes Yoga for Special Needs “Yoga for the Special Child-Sonia Sumar Method™” The MahaDevi Yoga Centre is the only centre in Europe fully dedicated to offering yoga therapy treatments to children and young adults with special needs following “Yoga for the Special Child – Sonia Suma Method” Read more [...]

  • Pureland Yoga and Wellbeing

    Hello, Im Helen and I am passionate about teaching Yoga and Wellbeing. I teach Childrens Yoga,in both schools and after school clubs. Adult beginners, Accessible Yoga and importantly Yoga for the Unbendy, mindful meditation and Yoga for anxiety I am offering Workshops in Gong Sound therapy, Yoga Nidra and Knitting Read more [...]

  • Yin-Yang Therapies

    We invite you to join us in our home-based studio in Cheltenham where you will experience relaxation, inner peace and freedom of your innermost being.  Using nurturing therapies and treatments our aim is to rebalance the body and soul and nurture your greatest gift – your health. Our holistic treatments Read more [...]

  • Laura Maddison Yoga

    Laura teaches Ashtanga Yoga in and around the Falkirk area. There are class options for all levels and one to one sessions can be booked at numerous locations also. Please get in touch to start your Ashtanga Yoga journey!

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