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  • Janine Brogan – Doula

    My personal experiences help me gain an understanding of the women I support and enables me to be empathic to their needs whilst empowering them to make their own decisions during their pregnancy & birth. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my volunteer job at the hospital I knew I no longer wanted Read more [...]

  • Birth Yourself Doula

    To me, being a doula is about mothering the mother. It’s about knowing what she needs, keeping adrenalin low, protecting her birth space, so that no matter what is happening around her, in hospital or at home, she is able to focus on birthing her baby… And enjoy it!

  • Baby Massage Bedforshire

    A Lovely Way to Love your Baby….. Infant massage is one of the most wonderful things that you can share with your baby. It has great benefits for the parent as well as the baby. It combines intimacy, communication, play and care giving and can greatly enhance a parent’s feeling Read more [...]