Tag: family consultation

  • BIOPSYSIS with Prof. Dr. Duca-Canavan

    Dr. Melania A. Duca-Canavan is a Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists, a Fellow of the Complementary Medical Association and a private practitioner working in Lisburn (NI), United Kingdom. She’s also an Italian University Professor of Logic and Philosophy of Mind. She has published many books and papers, directed Read more [...]

  • Dinky Doula

    I will tailor myself and what I bring with me to each family depending on what their needs are. That may range from collating antenatal information in order for each family to make informed decisions; having a hand to hold or using some of the homeopathic remedies that I have Read more [...]

  • The Bridge to Change Counselling

    Counselling can help you come to terms with life’s challenges, difficulties or traumatic events. If you can relate to any of the following then call me and let’s explore new possibilities. • Experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or feeling overwhelmed • Need help dealing with a difficult situation in your life Read more [...]

  • Headington Psychotherapy

    We are a forward thinking psychotherapy service providing individual, couple and family therapy. With us you can embrace the challenge of therapy in a supportive environment, with experienced, highly trained psychologists. Our aim is to work with you to create the safest environment possible to face and tackle the problems Read more [...]

  • Counselling in Oxford

    Questioning something in your life or even just “a feeling or an anxiety” leads you to these profiles. I offer patience and understanding, in a confidential safe secure environment. Each person is an individual. We can work on a specific issue, ranging from short term work on a specific problem Read more [...]