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  • Empowered Healing

    Empowered Healing connects people of all genders to their inner wisdom and innate power, using an integrated blend of tools to align body, soul and mind. Passionate about people feeling depth, connection and at ease in their own skin, Natalie wants you to feel amazing about yourself and is known Read more [...]

  • BirthMind – Hypnobirthing

    Hypnobirthing is a method of birth preparation that can help women and their partners have a positive experience of birth, however that journey unfolds. BirthMind hypnobirthing courses combine breathing and relaxation techniques, practical tools to create a positive mindset, impartial and evidence-based information, and empowering support. Hypnobirthing is based on Read more [...]

  • Quantum Life Neuro Coaching

    Quantum Life Neuro Coaching optimises the performance and energy of the mind and brain. Using an integrative approach that includes clinical hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), energy psychology, meditation and neuro-nutrition.

  • The Vitality Guru

    The Vitality Guru is a unique, alternative and effective place of wellness, healing and self-growth taking on a completely natural and holistic approach to self-improvement through physical activity, nutrition, mental well-being and personal development. By combining knowledge and understanding from a range of different sciences including psychology, physiology and biochemistry Read more [...]

  • Health Coaching & Spiritual Counselling

    I provide health and well-being coaching for: Chronic stress, fatigue and illness HSP’s, empaths and intuitives Spiritual and metaphysical counselling Stress reduction Symptom control Natural therapies Emotional health Holistic living I have over 30 years experience in supporting people to improve the well-being o their mind, body and soul, in Read more [...]

  • Kalea Babykurse

    Es gibt unzählige Baby-Kurse, also welchen nehmen? Die neuen Kalea Kurse vereinen die verschiedenen Konzepte und Ansätze und begleiten Dich und Dein Baby in der altersadäquaten senso-motorischen und kognitiven Entwicklung. Kalea Kurse sind Eltern-Kind-Kurse in Hamburg Fuhlsbüttel zur spielerischen Entwicklungsbegleitung Deines Babys. Unsere Baby-Kurse dienen der Eltern-Kind-Bindung und der altersgerechten Read more [...]

  • Lightworker– Medicine Woman Amora is a Shamanic Practitioner and Lightworker. She has been practicing alternative healing methods for over a decade. Whether you are looking to empower your life or do your part for the Mother Earth, Amora has the right medicine for your heart. Her background in nutrition and herbal medicines Read more [...]

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