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  • Massaggi is a team of sports massage therapist specialized in Sports Remedial Massage Therapy.

    Sports massage is more intense compared with other forms of massage available. You might be hesitant at first if you see how it is done. However, it can actually be very healthy. There are a lot of benefits that you will get from it. Here are some more reasons why sports massage is effective and why a lot of people, especially athletes, are really into it.

    It allows more flexibility
    When you train more, your muscles tighten and toughen. This prevents stretching from being done correctly. Movement on the field also becomes difficult. This technique focuses on the soft tissues and it eventually improves muscular mobility. Imbalances are corrected and tensions are released. Your performance in the next game will most likely change in a positive way.

    Sticky bones are also an issue and this massage technique can help separate the muscle fibers and other soft tissues. Generally, movement becomes better with sports massage.

    It helps improve the flow of nutrients
    The food that we eat contains essential nutrients and they should be absorbed by the blood. Otherwise. It will be futile to eat these foods. This happens when muscles are too stressed out. The nutrients are easily squeezed out of the blood and muscles are deprived of the nutrients needed. Better oxygen passage is also possible which helps in restoring destroyed muscles.

    It eases pain
    After training or a really intense match, you will feel sore all over your body. It is as if you don’t want to walk anymore. Your option is to take pain relievers. It might be a good idea, but not regularly. It could have detrimental effects on your health if taken all the time. Getting a sports massage, on the other hand, is way better. You won’t suffer from pain just a few hours after the massage. Although the process is really intense, and you will feel it while being massaged, the truth is that the soreness will soon start to go away.

    It promotes relaxation
    Just like any other massage techniques, sports massage helps in stimulating receptors in the body that trigger relaxation. Therefore, your mood is light and stress starts going away. For athletes, being mentally fit for a game is just as important as physical fitness.

    In the end, you will realise that getting a sports massage in London is a good idea after all. It might seem scary at first since the process is really tough, but you will soon start feeling better. This is the preferred technique of athletes and those who are into outdoor adventure or strenuous activities. You should also try it if you suffer from a lot of physical pain.

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