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  • Lavinia is such an inspiring and talented life-coach. She helped me to rebuild the confidence and self-esteem that I was gradually losing and to pluck up the courage to set myself free…

    When we first connected I was confused. I was unsure about whether my job corresponded to what I really wanted to do and I didn’t feel confident enough to pursue my dreams.

    I came across Lavinia at just the right time and despite not really believing a coach could make any difference, by the end of the first session, I felt relaxed, like I could trust her and that I could discuss my feelings and thoughts freely. To start with, my friends and colleagues were intrigued and interested, and then convinced that life coaching works! They noticed that I am much more positive and energized, that I would go to work in a happier mood and that even my pupils’ attitudes had changed.

    I now feel so much more confident and in control – that I can do whatever I want without being held back by my old fears of being too old or not good enough. Lavinia supported me in considering options that I had thought were impossible and I finally found the strength to resign from my current job in order to pursue my passion!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the coaching experience with Lavinia which was thought-provoking as well as transformational. Thank you for your dedication and for the energy you shared with me! You are an amazing person.

    ~ Habi O’Grady, Teacher & mother, UK

  • Lavinia is a caring and insightful coach who can guide you to achieving your goals. 3 words I would use to describe our experience together would be: Deep. Inner. Changes.

    Before starting my 3-month series with her, I was feeling stressed, trapped and lacking in self-confidence. I was tired, overworked and felt like I didn’t have any time for myself.

    I was intrigued by the idea of life coaching – how it would work and if it would help me – so I thought about it for a while and then the moment just felt right. I didn’t know what to expect from our sessions and felt excited as it was a new experience but also slightly apprehensive and spoiled as I rarely spend any time on myself.

    By the end of our first session I had defined what my goals were which felt like a huge accomplishment! Lavinia was instinctive and helpful in getting me to realise that I really wanted to feel calmer and more centred, as well as more self-confident about my body.

    Since our series, my husband has mentioned that I seem sexier, and my children are wanting to spend more time with me. The biggest change I have witnessed however, is in my self-confidence.

    Coaching was a wonderful experience and has helped me in all areas of my life. I now feel more assertive and in control of what I want and need; I feel more myself, more positive, confident and calm.

    Despite wishing I’d spent more time doing the tasks that I’d set myself (I never felt like I’d done enough work by the time I came to the next session), I realise in retrospect that our series went exactly the way it was supposed to: I set myself guidelines that weren’t too strict and did what I wanted to do at the time. This was a big part of my shift – listening to myself and accepting what I want to do, rather than automatically doing what I think I should.

    I would recommend life coaching with Lavinia to anyone who seeks to help themselves with work, with relationships, with life. If you don’t know if you need help – give it a go, you may just be surprised how much of a positive shift can happen.

    ~ Lotus Synge, Reflexologist & mother, UK, www.reflexologyhealthcambridge.com

  • I had never worked with a coach before and despite having no idea about what it entailed or where we were headed, I had faith in Lavinia’s abilities and in the strength of her convictions. I felt both excited and apprehensive about our first session but by the end of it, I knew that Lavinia was someone with whom I could speak openly.

    Before our coaching began, I was struggling with confidence, patience and self-appreciation. My 3-month series was remarkable: liberating, empowering and healing. Now I feel more grounded, more able and better able to cope. I also feel more confident and happier (something my loved ones have also noticed)!

    Going on this journey with Lavinia was one of the most incredible experiences. It taught me that baby steps – manageable baby steps – lead to strides, and that I could stride past issues that had always felt unsurmountable. I learnt that anything is possible. I’m so unbelievably grateful. Thank you!

    ~ Vanessa Bird, Marketing Communications Specialist & mother, UK

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