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  • Chewwies

    Here Chewwies have the best vitamin gummies for children. We have combined our efforts to research extensively and bring to you the most pure, suitable for vegetarian, halal and kosher products. Our soft, chewy formulations is fun for children to take regularly. For more details, get in touch with us Read more [...]

  • Empire Physiotherapy

    Empire Physiotherapy provides a specialist physiotherapy services to patients who are suffering from a range of musculoskeletal, injuries and ailments. We also provide medical acupuncture, sports massage, desk screen equipment assessments,and many more at a reasonable price. Our team of Physiotherapists and Sports Therapists are highly skilled who have experience Read more [...]

  • Delilma Nutrition

    Delilma Nutrition is a support service to motivate women in reaching their health and wellbeing goals. It is designed for those that need support or a little boost in confidence as they struggle to remain focus and committed in managing health issues or introduce a healthy lifestyle through the power Read more [...]

  • Quantum Life Neuro Coaching

    Quantum Life Neuro Coaching optimises the performance and energy of the mind and brain. Using an integrative approach that includes clinical hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), energy psychology, meditation and neuro-nutrition.

  • The Vitality Guru

    The Vitality Guru is a unique, alternative and effective place of wellness, healing and self-growth taking on a completely natural and holistic approach to self-improvement through physical activity, nutrition, mental well-being and personal development. By combining knowledge and understanding from a range of different sciences including psychology, physiology and biochemistry Read more [...]

  • Health Coach

    Health Coach – specialising in: health, wellbeing, fitness, nutrition, stress management, relaxation therapy, holistic pain management and sports psychology. Our vision is to help people find health, fitness and wellbeing in a way that is sustainable, supported and fun. It is our belief that people’s fitness journeys should help them Read more [...]

  • Lightworker– Medicine Woman Amora is a Shamanic Practitioner and Lightworker. She has been practicing alternative healing methods for over a decade. Whether you are looking to empower your life or do your part for the Mother Earth, Amora has the right medicine for your heart. Her background in nutrition and herbal medicines Read more [...]

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