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    Medical Detection Dogs

    Medical Alert Assistance Dogs are trained to help people with life-threatening health conditions, giving them greater independence and above all saving their lives on a daily basis. Our dogs are trained to assist individuals who manage complex health conditions. They are taught to identify the odour changes that are associated Read more [...]


    Support Dogs

    We are a charity that provide, train and support specialist assistance dog partnerships to increase the independence and quality of life for those affected by autism, epilepsy and physical disability We specialise in three specific programmes: Autism assistance dogs for children aged three to ten years with autism. The dogs Read more [...]


    Pets As Therapy

    Thousands of people of all ages benefit every week from the visits provided by our Volunteer PAT Teams, who visit residential homes, hospitals, hospices, schools, day care centres and prisons. Volunteers with just a small amount of spare time each week work with their own pets, to bring joy, comfort Read more [...]

  • Trinity Rose Animal Assisted Therapy

    Animal Assisted Therapy is based on a holistic approach through interaction with animals. The purpose of which is to strengthen, support and help people to live rewarding and fulfilling lives. Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities are proven to: Enhance problem-solving skills Help to prevent disease Improve balance Improve Read more [...]

  • BIOPSYSIS with Prof. Dr. Duca-Canavan

    Melania Anna Duca-Canavan PhD, is a Complementary Medical Association Fellow and Top practitioner working in Lisburn (NI), United Kingdom. She’s also an Italian University Professor of Logics and Philosophy of Mind. She has published many books and papers, directed and attended various international conferences. In 2015, Prof. Duca-Canavan was awarded Read more [...]

  • Talking to Animals

    I am a Reiki practitioner, offering this wonderful Japanese healing system to both people and animals. Whether it is hands-on or absent healing sessions, I always strive to help in any way I can. Reiki is ideal for helping with stress and anxiety, along with physical issues and releasing emotional Read more [...]

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