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    I am a well-being and lifestyle coach. I utilise disciplines such as Yoga, Reiki and Meditation to help you heal yourself, using the power that is already within you.


    Transform Your Life

    Hello, I’m Yamari and I am a qualified RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapist), Clinical Hypnotherapist, and hold a certificate in Personal Performance Coaching. My aim as an RTT Hypnotherapy and Coach is to help my clients to overcome anxiety, stress, and depression (without medication) to have a healthy work-life balance and Read more [...]


    Chaoji LTD

    Chaoji Ltd is the trustworthy name across the world for its world-class slimming and health-conscious products. We have established our brand to offer nothing less than the best to complete your slimming goals. There are various products available in the market with either fake products or harmful ingredients. However, at Read more [...]


    Cuddle Therapy

    I am Ani, a Certified Cuddle Therapist. I am based in London and provide sessions in cosy and meditative nap pods in Shoreditch. Home visits are also available across London. I experienced the wonders and calming effects of cuddling in my previous profession as a nanny when giving hugs to Read more [...]


    Anna Livia Yoga

    I practise and teach Hatha yoga, offering bespoke one-to-one, small group and online yoga classes. Beginners and more experienced yogis of all ages are welcome to join me for classes tailored to suit the individual and to help you practise in ways which will benefit you. I’m keen to explore Read more [...]


    Your Best True Self

    Using Rapid Transformational Therapy (an acclaimed powerful method of hypnosis therapy), I help women to heal their confidence and worthiness and take their power back so they can follow their desires, take action & love themselves more while eradicating from their lives procrastination, self-doubt and fear of judgement. – Sessions Read more [...]

  • Channelled Energy Healing

    Hi, my name is Johanka Maher and I have, over the past 20 years, trained in and studied a vast number of healing systems and modalities, including Reiki, Tibetan Body Healing, Conscious Channelled Energy Healing, Emotion Codes, Healing Code and many others. Although I still draw on my knowledge of Read more [...]

  • Same Star Yoga

    Yoga that brings out the best in you with a style that fits your fitness level, personality and goals. We are 2 yoginis on a quest to make you feel good, body mind and soul, spreading more light into the bodies and minds of our kula through yoga. It is Read more [...]

  • Colourvita

    Colourvita is focused on your wellbeing and helping you to nurture a positive mindset through Mindfulness, Colour Therapy and Aromatherapy. Colour – The spectral composition of visible light. Vita – The course of ones life We offer a range of Complementary Therapy treatments including: Colour Therapy Aromatherapy Massage Aromatherapy Products Read more [...]

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