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If you have found your way to our website it means you are interested in or already practice/teach Yoga, holistic therapies, health, fitness, mind & body or alternative medicine.

If you are a teacher, practitioner, run a retreat, studio or clinic then please add your details to our Directory include as much detail about your therapy/business for other visitors to our website.

If this is a new foray into the world of Yoga, holistic therapies, health, fitness, mind & body or alternative medicine you may find it a confusing place. Our aim at Foyht is to help guide you in your search for the right type of Yoga/therapy, fintess active, health therapy or medicine.

You may not know but there are many types of Yoga disciplines. So which yoga will suit you? By using our guides and infographics we hope you can narrow down the types of yoga you think may suit you. Using our directory, you can find a teacher/class which practices that specific type of yoga and which is local to you.

Moving on, we have the Holistic Therapies, there are hundreds of holistic therapies, but which one will suit you? How can you find that out? Here are some things to think about, do you prefer a therapy without touch or with touch; do you prefer a one to one therapy or group therapy; what problems do you think you are looking to solve, ease; are you spiritually minded; and so on. There are numerous questions to ask yourself which will help guide you towards the right therapy for you.

Here at the Foyht website we hope that our guides, infographics and articles will help guide you to the right therapy after which you can search for a practitioner local to you using our directory. Please, dive right in and have a good look around. We welcome all feedback on our site and hope you find our site helpful in your search.

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